Never Miss a Workout with Nike Training Club

Thanks to Nike’s workout app, you can take your fitness routine with you wherever your Chanel sneakers take you.

by Rachael Crawley Sigsbee


I’m probably on a plane at least once a month, which means my regular workout routine goes out the window the second I wheel my suitcase out the door. Thankfully, Nike heard the cry of the frequent travelista and created the closest thing to working out with a trainer without actually working out with a trainer: the N+TC Nike Training Club app.

I first learned about N+TC when I participated in the SHAPE Summer Beach Tour a few years back. Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who was teaching beachside fitness classes in Hermosa Beach, Calif., told participants about a new app she was designing workouts for that would allow anyone, anywhere the convenience of a one-on-one workout with first-class fitness professionals. Not one to shy away from trying any new fitness must-do, I downloaded free (yep, it’s free!) app the minute Jeanette’s butt-kicking workouts ended.

During my next trip, I tested N+TC. I set Pandora to my go-to workout station, and after choosing from more than 100 workouts on the app, I selected the 45-minute “Transformer” workout to condition shoulders, arms, legs, and pretty much every other part of the body. A trainer walked me through the entire workout so I didn’t need to stop to read what move came next. The trainer even motivated me to get through each drill and gave me a countdown of how much time was left in each series.

I’m actually writing this post shortly after I finished a workout using N+TC. In a few minutes, I’ll probably collapse from exhaustion because this app truly does serve as a personal trainer on the go. I guess that’s what happens when you follow workouts created by celebrity trainers and Olympic athletes.

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